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CRIF in Malaysia & Worldwide

CRIF OMESTI is a joint investment between CRIF and OMESTI Holdings Berhad, which is wholly-owned by Omesti Berhad, a public listed company in Malaysia. CRIF effectively integrates data, information, analytics, tools, consultancy, outsourcing and quality business information systems, with worldwide coverage. 

CRIF is connecting the ASEAN countries to provide direct access of information, data and local intelligence on companies through a single platform in Southeast Asia. 


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Our mission and value

Every day, the people at CRIF serve their clients with knowledge, commitment and passion to help them to grow: together to the next level.


Quality and security certification

​CRIF has always paid the utmost attention to and invested in quality and security, as they are fundamental components to its mission and an integral part of its values and corporate culture.


Our commitment

CRIF makes a real contribution to the fund-raising and awareness campaigns of international non-profit organisations.

Our Commitment


Working in CRIF means innovating, having passion, and thinking outside the box. As a member of the CRIF team you can improve your skill...

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